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    With the recent News Stories updating the progress on the Reno Ice Jennifer M. O’Neal Ice Rink with the now real possibility of ground breaking just around the corner and doors slated to open by December 2020. We have been receiving many inquiries about getting on the ice with one of our teams for the 2019-2020 Season so when the doors open players/coaches are ready to join a league.


    We plan on not only using Reno Ice for our Home Ice for our eventual Travel Hockey Program but plan on giving Reno Ice any assistance they need for Learn to Skate, Learn to Play, and Youth House Hockey programs when they open their doors. HOWEVER, you can get a head start on learning to skate, learning to play and/or playing on one of our teams or Help coach one of our teams NOW.


    The 2019 Season will be our 5th Season. We have in the past or will have in 2019 programs/teams at the Learn to Skate/Play, 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and High School age practicing at various places around Reno/Sparks/Carson City/South Lake Tahoe. Our teams play 12-25 games per season against other small rec league/house league level teams from California, Southern Nevada, Southern Oregon, and/or Southern Idaho. Our Learn to Skate/Play programs are usually Saturday or Sunday mornings.


    We have decided to do a couple of player interest forms as well as a coaches interest form to help make it easier for those looking to get on the ice now as well as make it easier for us to manage all of the questions and interested parties contacting us at this time.


    If you are interested in Learning to Skate, Learning to Play Ice Hockey and/or interested in playing with one of our teams in the 2019 Season Please Fill Out one of the PLAYER INTEREST FORMS.


    If you are interested in helping out on the coaching side of things please fill out the Coaching Interest Form below.




    This form is for any and all interested people in one of our Co-Ed hockey programs/teams




    This form is for Girls looking to play in/on Girls Only programs/teams



    This form is for any/all people interested in becoming a volunteer coach.


    The Nevada Jr Wolf Pack (NVJWP) is a youth hockey club where our goal is long-term development, not short-term success. We intentionally offer different level teams with different emphasis, in order to address the different needs and interests of members in the program. The Jr. Wolf Pack offer competitive travel/tournament teams and recreational house teams for boys and girls (ages 6-18).

    NVJWP Hockey fuels passion for young people by using the great sport of ice hockey to provide an environment in which kids find something they love and deeply enjoy. When kids fall in love with the game of hockey, the passion for the sport burns inside them and they take on a commitment to mastery of their craft, which sets the stage for them to be receptive to the transferable life lessons of discipline, hard work, teamwork, and perseverance that are essential to develop in order to experience success in hockey, and more importantly in life. Many youth sports organizations have abandoned a focus on fundamental character and life skills in favor of a "win at all costs" mentality at the expense of child development.

    Teams, Training, Camps, Clinics and Hockey School for everything you need to reach your goals.

    NVJWP, everything we do and provide is about your child, the athlete. You want them to become the best they can be, and we are here to help them get there.  We measure our success by achieving their goals, not by our accomplishments at their expense.

     You may have been let down in the past:

    Unfortunately, much of youth sports in America has lost its purpose.  Something that started out to give kids the opportunity to play, dream, and grow has become adult centered and focused on short-term achievements to benefit the agenda of coaches or programmers while robbing the kids of their future potential and their experience along the way.


     You need a roadmap for growth

    What if instead of starting from scratch every season, you had a clear philosophy and plan on your child's development? That instead of scrambling to find the coach that fits your values each year, you were a part of an organization that had one unified philosophy that matched your values at every level?

     Imagine you knew now, exactly what your child needs to be successful, not just this year, but long term.  If you clearly knew what they were preparing for at the next age group, and the next, and that each level was a clearly planned out process based in the latest in sport science and physiology?  The same science used and endorsed by USA Hockey, the US Olympic Committee, the NHL, NCAA, and many other sports and nations to produce the ultimate in elite athletes.


     You want to feel a part of something bigger

    A place where you could feel proud of what your family is a part of and that it stands for something clear and powerful.  That you are a contributing part of a community that is helping to improve kids and families lives, thus contributing to a better world.  Somewhere that we know there will be challenges along the way, but that we will approach those the same way we expect our athletes to deal with adversity and handle them with transparency, optimism, integrity and use them as an opportunity to learn and grow stronger.

     Because the expectations must be higher, we have raised the bar!

    Why is it easier to get a job coaching youth in sports than any other profession? There is no required degree or even extensive training process.  Isn't this an extremely important role in our society?

    Shouldn't we demand and expect that the people in charge of the programming for our children be people that we want our kids to look to as role models? That who they are as people and how they live their life will influence our kids?

    Shouldn't they be experts in their field and in the latest in sport science and athlete development so they can give our children exactly what they need at each phase in their development? And often more importantly, don't give them the wrong things that can be damaging to their development?

     The  Nevada Jr Wolf Pack have structured our entire organization on putting the athlete first.  We are dedicated to USA Hockey, the American Development Model and all that they bring to the youth that choose to come and play for us. From our Board of Directors, Coaches, Team Managers, Administrators, and Volunteers, they will all follow the training and screening procedures required for all age levels by USA Hockey, NAHA and our home ice arena. We will not settle for anything less than to help our athletes to be upstanding citizens through the life lessons learned through our sport.

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